Mari, these past few years has been a ride of crazy roller coaster. I designed a collection and suddenly you were next to me. We have done a lot, from Turku and Tampere to Paris. We had “office” in garage and we dreamed to have studio with windows and some day a own shop. We did it and so much more. Without you LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO would not be here the way it is now. Thank you my love, my other half, my brains and right hand.
Now our journey as a Bonnie and Clyde has come to the point where we will continue forward only as a friends and not as business partners. Love you and thank you for everything.

Love you and I always will.

LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO will have some changes this year, and this is the biggest one of them. More info will come later this month.

Mari, wishing you all the best and let’s do some crazy shit together someday again.